HighOnLove Sensual Bath Oil


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Welcome to the ultimate in self-care! An enticing blend of all natural oils (lavender & honey) infused with premium grade hemp seed oil, HIGHONLOVE™ Sensual Bath Oil releases a calming scent while being quickly absorbed into the skin to nurture and nourish the body. Indulge and let yourself sink into this this Oh-So-Luxurious concoction that will leave your mind and body feeling completely enlightened! To be enjoyed alone or shared with a partner. 100% natural. Made in small batches to guarantee the highest quality.

Directions: Draw a bath for yourself or to share with a romantic partner and soak it all in. Add a small amount of the HIGH ON LOVE Bath Oil. The oil will disperse in water and will create a milky bath. Will not leave a greasy film on the bath tub.

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